An Argentinian tradition

We are a family born and raised in Argentina who is now happily settled in the Netherlands. Yet, as most Argentinian expats do, we miss our relatives, friends and of course… our beef! Unfortunately, we realized that it was not easy to find it here in the variety of cuts we cook at home. So we thought of a way to bring it to us and to you! We now have the possibility to share our culture, tradition, and different ways to cook our beef, which go beyond the famous “asado”.

Unique taste within your reach

What makes Argentinian beef so incomparably tender and flavory? Our secret lies in generations of experience and tradition in raising grass-fed cattle in the best fields of the Argentinian Pampas, completely free of hormones and growth promoters. The result is a premium beef that can defy the limits of flavor even for the most demanding
meat lovers!

Our commitment to the environment

We believe that every company has to protect the environment and not only seek financial profit. Therefore, we decided to found a company that is carbon neutral by design. We completely offset the carbon footprint we generate with each Kg of beef we sell, donating a percentage of our profit for CO2 reduction projects sponsored by the United Nations. Click here to learn more about it.

Get access to our best recipes and more

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