Charcoal / Wood / Briquettes

Our suggestion on how to grill


    • We recommend to use a mixture of charcoal and wood, combining the heat power of the first with the fragrant smoke of the second. The wood must be well stored and dry.
    • The most commonly used in Argentina is the “‘Flowering Tree” a highly recommended firewood that ignites quickly and maintains stable ember.
    • Red Quebracho, a hardwood that take a while to burn but its ember are long lasting.
    • Ñandubay (a type of mesquite) which has similar ember properties as the Espinillo (Flowering Tree).
    • The White Quebracho which isn’t a good choice for grilling since it burns too quickly with to big flame and doesn’t generates enough embers.
    • Another interesting aspect of firewood diversity is the aromatic factor. Although the aforementioned varieties lend the unmistakable taste of wood grilling to meats, there are some woods that , though more difficult to source, are more aromatic, such us: vine shoots, olivewood and apple wood, whose smoke manages to penetrate the meat imparting unique flavor. You can also start with a bed of charcoal and once it’s well arranged under the grill throw some woodchips that will bur slowly on the embers and the resulting smoke will flavor the meat as it grills.
    • What about briquettes? The heat distribution is excellent and the duration of the combustion is much longer than that of traditional coal, so it’s always handy and cheaper to use briquettes, however we wouldn’t recommend this choice to if you are really interested in getting a flavorful BBQ.