How to Grill Tri Tip

Grilling tri-tip is a fairly easy process when all is said and done! All it takes is keeping an eye on the steak and monitoring the internal temperature of the meat for the right doneness. So here goes our simple and “success guaranteed” recipe!


  • 900 gr-1 kg tri-tip steak
  • Tablespoon coarse salt
  • Teaspoon black pepper
  • Tablespoon mild paprika powder


  1. Before putting your tri-tip cut on the grill, make sure to let it come to room temperature; this helps ensure the steak cooks evenly and achieves the desired tenderness
  2. Once the meat is at room temperature, it’s time to blend the spices. Our favorite spice blend for this cut is a simple mix of coarse salt, black pepper and mild paprika powder
  3. Preheat your grill and rub your spices all over the steak. When coating the meat in your spice blend, do your best to get as much of the beef covered as you can
  4. Place your tri-tip on the grill (fat side down first) and let it cook for about 5 minutes at medium-high temperature. This may take more or less time; what matters is that, once you see a dark brown crust develop as seen in the picture above, you’re ready to flip the meat!
  5. Flip the meat and let the second side cook for about 8 minutes
  6. After both sides are beautifully brown and crusted, take the tri-tip off of the grill (or lower the grill temperature) and let it continue cooking on indirect heat until it reaches the desired doneness (for medium rare: intermal temperature at 55C; this is when your thermometer will come in handy!)
  7. Once it’s finished, if possible cover the steak with aluminum foil for just 10 minutes to let it continue tenderizing in all its delicious juices
  8. Enjoy it!

I can’t emphasize enough how delicious this cut is… you will understand why it is so popular in our Argentine asados!!

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