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The best Argentine beef

What makes Argentine beef so special? Argentine beef is a ‘trademark’ by itself; recognized worldwide for its tenderness and characteristic flavor. This is thanks to raising the finest breeds (Angus and Hereford) in the vast territory of the Pampas; a geographical region with optimal climate conditions and extensive grass fields where cattle find the ideal habitat to grow. At the same time, animal wellbeing and a careful handling of livestock have been a core value in the 150 years of Argentine tradition in raising cattle; realizing the importance that this has to obtain a quality product. The result: a premium beef that delights the palate of the most demanding meat lovers.

gras en graan gevoedde angus koeien - Het beste premium rundvlees uit Argentinië! Besteld voor 10.00u, vanavond in huis!
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Fresh, never frozen

We offer you the unique experience of enjoying at home the best Argentine beef; fresh, never frozen. From the moment it’s vacuum packed at origin and throughout its journey to your home, the beef is constantly kept at chilled temperature, which allows it to retain all of its flavor and freshness.

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100% money back guarantee

We guarantee the quality, freshness and unique taste of our products. If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, we will refund your money in full.

Co2 neutraal - Het beste premium rundvlees uit Argentinië! Besteld voor 10.00u, vanavond in huis!
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Our commitment to the environment

We believe that every company should protect the planet. As we are conscious about the impact that cattle raising has on the environment, since the beginning we have been supporting projects to offset our carbon footprint through the United Nations Climate Neutral Now program; allocating part of our profits to fund projects with this purpose. In addition, we choose our suppliers based on their commitment to the environment and we strive to implement the new and more sustainable packaging and logistics alternatives being developed.

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